Critics and peers agree, Scrilla (Urban Music Artist/Song-Writer from London) has distinquished himself as one of the most exciting talent and rising star of the UK Music Scene. The perfect balance of his rhythmic flow combined with his refined song writing skills, means he is being sort after and recognised as the future of the genre all over the web.
His signature pun on words and ability to deliver hit songs across a number of mainstream genres has increased his kudos among fellow music artists, scouts and fans alike.

Much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans, his new release “Cry for Love” has been picked by grammy award artist Chrisette Michele for a feature on her Coast2Coast mixtape which is scheduled for release in the early part of 2013. Scrilla has been involved with the Live&Unsigned team tour, playing gigs across several cities and his last release “Beautiful Goodbye” was signed for distribution by overseas management in Florida through Universal Music Group. The song has also been synched into reality tv show “Fly girl” and tv programme “Rox World” in Florida and is currently getting airtime from a host of underground and internet radio stations.
His business acumen has seen him start his own record label(ScrillsMonetaryRecords)with the help of the management team behind Oscar winning rap artist Crunchy Black. As an artist under his own label, Scrilla is fast becoming one of the most sort after artist by producers and music cooporations in Europe as well as the United States who appreciates his versatility and talent for making hit songs. With the imminent release of his new single, the exciting, newfangled sound that he has made his own is certain to gain alot more interest from across the world.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in the UK meant that Scrilla was always surrounded by different forms of music in various genres. This exposure to a wealth of music has been fused together, all of which influenced his development.
Scrilla was raised in London, schooled in Bermondsey and further educated in Lewisham and Leicester. His first forray into music began when his mum paid for piano lessons in his early teens which enabled him to develop his natural affinity for music. His creative journey further progressed when he formed friendship with fellow rappers(12-gauge, D-man, Playboi, Cesar and BigCakes) during his time in Leicester. It was here he began writing his own material, laying vocals over beats, mastering his craft. But because of the demands of everyday life he found it difficult to really pursue a career in music. In 2010, with music still embedded in his mind he started recording solo tracks upon realising his musical ambitions, a decision which he never looked back from. He released his 1st solo track (Whats My Name) taken from his upcoming album (Bangers N Cash). The track became an underground hit instantly confirming his talent and gaining recognition.

With his ever increasing fan base, Scrilla’s musical ambitions continues to grow, without boundaries after honing his unique sound over recent years. Scrilla’s project schedule is increasing relentlessly
and he is finding himself more in demand than ever, It seems that the continent is
building an appreciation for his sound and talent, and his loyal army of fans spread far and wide across the globe are waiting eagerly for their first chance to listen to his completed album.