SMR Events


Scrills Monetary Records is an umbrella put together by a couple of friends to cater for the promotional needs of upcoming music artists.  As a team we understand the fundamentals of the music industry and the need for upcoming artists to have adequate direction in the promotion, marketing and distribution of their music. We offer a range of services at very low cost, encouraging progress, growth and acceptance of UK music artists and events by providing promotion packages designed to market you and your product.

Amongst the services which will offer include

Artist management – This largely depends on the individaul, the type of music and whether we believe we can work in tandem to push the artist and product forward.  We profile artist online building relationships between artist and existing fan base and give you the right tools to help maintain fan base.

Events management and organisation – From video shoots to live music showcase we can organise it all for you. Taking away the stress of dealing with the mundane aspects of the event. We can also plug your music video to mainstream music channels such as AKA and Flava.

Digital Distribution – We can help distribute your music digitally to music stores online like Itunes, spotify, Amazon amongst other stores. This gives artist the platform to be able to promote and earn money through sales of their product.

We take pride in the services offered and no job or budget is too small for us to work with.

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